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Capital Energy is a design, engineering and manufacturing company specialized in advanced ‎modular structures, technologies, equipment and solutions for the energy and petroleum sector. ‎We can transform any existing or planned conventional storage, processing, distribution ‎infrastructure or industrial plant into a new generation of modern and modular plug & play systems ‎allowing for economics of scale, optimization of space, retention of value and freedom of relocation.‎ Combination of our resources and developments can change the way certain technologies and ‎concepts are perceived and optimize their efficiency, environmental impact and performance. We provide the complete design manufacturing solution with high work quality, rapid response ‎times, integrated service and the ability to reach out to the latest commercially available ‎technologies and implement them into any existing project or use them to upgrade our clients ‎infrastructure, production facilities or distribution network.‎


Our solutions are a result of the integration of following services. We can also offer ‎contracting for any individual stage as a standalone service to our customers.‎

Strategic partnerships with specialized equipment manufacturers allows us to develop integrated ‎projects and product packages on turn-key bases and engineer solutions that provide a new level ‎of flexibility to any energy production, fuel processing and distribution facility, mining operation, ‎construction development or other industry in terms of fuel, lubricant or alternative energy supply ‎and management.‎


Conceptual to final design is the initial stage of all our product engineering and manufacturing. The design phase determines projects direction ‎and we invest ‎effort and thought into it. We can modify and tailor ‎our products to specific client requirements and redesign them as ‎necessary. We have in-‎house 2D and 3D static ‎imaging and motion ‎visualization.


Long time project ‎management ‎experience in the ‎energy sector and our ‎multi-disciplined ‎technical and ‎engineering resources ‎allow us to provide ‎complete design and project ‎management solution ‎and produce all the ‎necessary technical ‎drawings, ‎project specifications, ‎production documents ‎and contracts for the ‎project.‎


Following procurement of material and equipment, the production order ‎and execution ‎documents are sent to ‎our associated EU ‎manufacturing plants that are ‎ISO, TÜV and SGS certified for the manufacturing process as well as the type of products to be manufactured ‎‎(pressure vessels, above ‎ground fuel tanks, ISO CSC ‎frames)‎.


Depending on the ‎complexity of the ‎product, we employ ‎our own team to the ‎installation site for the ‎commissioning of our ‎products and ‎operational tutoring. ‎We also have a ‎network of ‎representatives in ‎many countries qualified to perform this service to our clients, giving us the possibility to reach the most remote locations.


We design, engineer and manufacture the following; above ground modular fuel storages depos and ‎mobile fuel dispensing stations, electric power generation modules, processing modules, system ‎control modules, control room modules, compressor modules, and utility (office, shop, catering) modules. We also produce machinery and engine tanks with single or double walled structure. All of our products are industry purpose designed and built to highest quality standards. Majority of ‎our solutions are CSC certified to ensure optimum flexibility in transport, relocation and scalability.

(synonyms: above ground, mobile, containerized, modular, retial, internal, turn-key systems, stations, storage depots, battery farms, ‎tanks, reservoirs for fuel, diesel, biodiesel, petrol / gasoline, kerosene / avgas / jet-fuel, ‎heating oil, ethanol, bioethanol, lubricants or base oils)


Capital Energy is proud to be a chosen partner for the development and manufacturing of modular structures ‎for the technological blocks of ClearRefining® fuel processing technology. ClearRefining® technology was developed by our partners Advanced Refining Concepts from Reno, Nevada, and thanks to joint ‎efforts and a shared vision we have designed the industry specific and purpose built modules allowing the ClearRefining® technology to be delivered in a compact, modular, scalable and CSC transportable form as the ClearRefining® Modular Refinery. This is not only a breakthrough in ‎refinery design and a steer away from the conventional capital demanding refinery concepts, but also a way to make this clean burning, low emissions and reduced consumption drop-in fuels more ‎reachable to the consumers around the world.‎

For more info on ClearRefining® and the properties of GDiesel® as one of the resulting fuels, please contact us or visit our partner's pages directly at:‎


60/2 Melita Street, Valletta VLT 1122, Malta

+356 20 341 567

Contact us with your questions, inquiries or comments directly or by using the bellow form. Modular structures have great economic and practical advantages, particularly in the energy sector, and we shall be pleased offer our solutions.

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